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24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

Utilizing JGroup's network and server monitoring solution will reduce downtime and ensure we are the first to know when a failure occurs. Our solution can even perform actions to automatically correct failures without intervention. The experts at JGroup utilize a tremendously scalable and robust system to ensure any changes in your network are logged, categorized, and the proper alerts are triggered to let us know before you do.

Monitoring & Reporting - A can't miss combination!


JGroup's affordable remote monitoring and management solution sets the standard for delivering IT services remotely to a wide range of end-users and devices. JGroup will deliver powerful self-healing automation, enterprise-class endpoint security, and reporting. Our integrated solution allow our experts to:
Manage - all your devices
Monitor - all your devices
Control - any device, anytime
Report - speed up troubleshooting
Protect - all network endpoints
Automate - self-healing
Support - Nearly any device


JGroup will demonstrate the performance of your network infrastructure under our management and the value we deliver through easy to read and easy to understand reporting. Armed with these reports, JGroup can help you make better, more informed capacity planning decisions by enabling you to view and quickly understand IT performance data. The result is a happier you and a trusted advisor role for us. You can rest easy knowing that we are making hardware and software recommendations based on your actual metrics, not our desire to sell.


“JGroup is capable of monitoring and reporting on our entire network. Whether we need to know the utilization on a file server or the status of our Antivirus software efficiency, JGroup can tell us immediately or I can see for myself through their monitoring portal. The transparency is amazing!”

Audrey Pezzuti, CIO
Health & Wellness Partners

"JGroup is remotely managing and monitoring everything we have in our office that is connected to our network. I don't have to worry about our servers, PCs, or even the toner in our printers! JGroup even provides managed Antivirus software on our PCs. I rest easy knowing that the experts at JGroup are looking after all of our devices."

Rose Bertone, Owner
Riteway Uniform

"Before JGroup was monitoring our servers and workstations I'd come in on a Monday morning and discover that the power failed over the weekend and spend the next 2-3 hours getting everyone in the office back online. With JGroup's monitoring solution I never have to worry about that again. They know as soon as the power fails, day or night, and have the ability to remediate the situation without involving me. Thanks to JGroup I can concentrate on growing my business, and not my IT."

Brett Coplin, COO
Imprint Marketing Concepts

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